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What is Mediation?

Mediation is:
a private, confidential, and cooperative process in which the mediator impartially helps individuals resolve and settle their differences.

voluntary, therefore you can leave the process at any time for any reason, or no reason.

an informal process which does not follow courtroom procedures and legal technicalities.

a process giving you complete decision-making power and a veto over each and every provision of the agreement. An agreement is not imposed on you.

much less expensive than litigation.

empowering to the parties because they, rather than a judge, decide the resolution of the dispute. You are encouraged to work together to solve your problem(s) and to reach what you believe is your best agreement.

is confidential.  By agreement mediation discussions are not admissible in any subsequent court proceeding, except for a finalized and signed mediated agreement.

a preferred alternative to a high anxiety courtroom battle because the parties maintain their respect and dignity.

is a process which allows a full opportunity to obtain and incorporate legal and other expert information and advice including retention of mutually acceptable experts. Also the parties are encouraged to obtain legal counsel to review the mediated agreement prior to its execution by the parties.

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