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The Law Offices of David Titman


I have over twenty-eight years of experience as a litigator with a wide variety of legal experience in both state and federal courts. As a litigator I have represented people in such matters as:
  • injuries in accidents caused by someone else's fault
  • divorce or child custody issues
  • traffic or criminal offenses
  • insurance or contractual disputes
  • issues involving fraud and false claims
Although I have extensive of experience in litigation, sometimes your interests are best served if your claim is handled by mediation or alternative dispute resolution (ADR). Not only are these good alternatives to litigation, but the outcome is viewed as a win-win situation by both sides.
My education and professional background.
Practice Areas and Services
Areas of law and mediation in which I am particularly well qualified to assist you.
Frequently Asked Questions
Things you should know before you hire any attorney and directions to locate my office.
Links of Interest
Links to helpful information about law related resources, information about Maryland and Howard County, and other stuff that I just like to use and recommend to others.


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