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Advantages of Mediation

Less expensive than litigation - A contested case in which each party retains an attorney will always cost many times the cost of a mediated dispute.

Speedy resolution - A mediated dispute can be resolved as soon as and at what ever time the parties decide.   A litigated case is tried in court at the pleasure of the judge and can take several months or years.

Humane process - Rather than traumatizing each other in a "courtroom arena,"  mediation places the participants in control in a less confrontational fashion than mandated by the formalities of the courtroom.   Mediation therefore preserves rather than destroys ongoing relationships such as between parents who must continue to relate to each other because of parental responsibilities.

Confidentiality - All matters discussed in mediation are confidential whereas your court file and hearing is open to the public.

Win-Win resolution - Because it is the parties that reach the settlement, rather than a court imposed order, both parties have a sincere interest in "making it work."


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